Why are BatWireless 4G/GPS omnidirectional positioning antennas so popular?

BatWireless 4G + Beidou/GPS two-in-one omnidirectional positioning antenna is deeply loved by the industry for its many functions. It is a multi-element antenna that has proven its efficiency time and time again. Let’s take a closer look at what sets this antenna apart from others on the market.

Magnetic mount
Magnetic mounts are one of the easiest and most seamless installation methods. They’ll stick right on and you won’t have any installation issues. Ease of installation is a major advantage.

Transmission efficiency
Transmission here is measured using VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio). This measures the transfer of RF power from the power source. The antenna has a VSWR of 2.1, making it ideal for low-power applications. Great for use on vehicles and many other uses.

Lightweight and smart design
It’s lightweight and easy to move, carry, or transport, weighing only 0.29 pounds or 130 grams. The heavier antennas sold are more complex to use and assemble and therefore do not meet consumer expectations. Its rounded yet sturdy design is not only ergonomic but also reminds one of its resemblance to a solid hockey puck and how sturdy the piece is. Due to its sturdy appearance, the hockey antenna will last longer than other antennas.




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