Outdoor Rated Fiberglass Omni Antenna With N-Female Connector

Great 915Mhz long range antenna for RAKs, helium miners and other equipment!
This outdoor rated fiberglass omnidirectional antenna is a 902-928Mhz LoRa type antenna. “LoRa” means long range. It facilitates long-distance communication with minimal power consumption. Frequency 902-928 Mhz for long range functionality.
This particular antenna is tuned to 915 Mhz. It is compatible with any LoRa device (i.e. RAK, Bobcat,, Nebra and Kerlink Hotspot Miners) and can be used to mine the Helium (HNT) cryptocurrency. It is 61 inches tall.
Note: Antenna height can be customized.

Advantages of omnidirectional base station antennas
This newly fabricated omnidirectional antenna has many advantages. This omnidirectional rod antenna boosts 900MHz signals. Omni-directional antennas are known for their ability to provide stronger connections in outdoor environments!

Outdoor rated and strong fiberglass
The antenna is a rugged, outdoor-rated fiberglass piece. The unit is very rugged and well suited for point-to-point/machine-to-machine communications at 900 MHz.

In today’s modern world and all the situations that could destroy a basic antenna, a good antenna is a necessity. If you want long-term stability and efficiency from your antenna, choose a rugged antenna like this and you can make a decision with confidence.

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