How RFID antennas solve today’s supply chain challenges

How RFID antennas solve today’s supply chain challenges
To give a little background, RFID is a passive, battery-less IoT technology that identifies items and tracks inventory. It is a valuable tool in many industries, especially supply chain. In this blog post, we’ll explain exactly why this happens.

RFID solves supply chain problems

The most commonly reported issues among supply chain departments are shipping and tracking challenges, specifically the need for more space to pack and staging orders, increasing slow movement speeds, and improving cluttered or poor-quality data. The solution to these bottleneck areas is smarter data systems that can be easily deployed and don’t require too many resources or manpower.

Enter RAIN RFID. RFID individual tags are inexpensive, making it easy for large companies to tag more items. This can sustain large-scale operations very seamlessly. The initial RFID infrastructure setup is costly, but in the long run, the smooth and problem-free operation of the business will make any early investment worth it many times over.
Additionally, RFID technology, which is on the verge of advancement, can identify up to 1,000 items per second at distances ranging from centimeters to meters, without the need for line of sight. RFID systems connect to the cloud, making all business processes accessible to all stakeholders in businesses of any size.

According to a recent poll, 75% of respondents from companies implementing RFID said they were very or very dissatisfied with their organization’s ability to address supply chain issues/pressures over the next two years, given their current technology toolkit. Have confidence. In comparison, 51% of survey respondents from companies that have not implemented RFID said the same.

Clearly, this solution works and is already working for those on the ground who have to face these supply chain issues and will continue to face new challenges as the business continues to evolve and grow. In fact, RFID  antenna will make this growth possible in the first place.



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