Right Angle PCB Through Hole Panel Mount SMA Male Connector 50 Ohm




Connector Type :BFSMA-JWE

Impendence (Ω) :50Ω

V.S.W.R :<1.15+0.02f(GHZ)

Frequenc Range(MHz) :0~3GHz

DC Voltage(V): 1000Vmax

Withstand Voltage(V) :1000Vrms

Contact resistance:Inner conductor≤3MΩ Outer conductor ≤2MΩ

Insulation resistance: ≥5000MΩ

Insert Loss: 0.15dB(6GHz)

RF leakage:-60dB/-90dB(Flexible cable/semi-rigid cable)@2-3GHz

Durability(mating) :500 Cycle

Shell :HPB 59-1(brass) Gold plated

Inner conductor :HPB 59-1(brass) Gold plated

threaded sleeve: HPB 59-1(brass) Gold plated

Seal ring : Silica gel

Snap ring:Phosphor copper (nickel plated)

Insulator :PTFE

Weight(g): None

OperatingTemperature(℃): -65~+165(PE CABLE-40~+85)


SMA Male

Number of Cores

Right Angle


Right Angle PCB Through Hole Panel Mount SMA Male Connector 50 Ohm
Polarity: Standard
Connector Series: SMA
Connector Gender: Male
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Orientation: Right Angle
Weight: 4.3g
Attachment Method: Solder
Mount Method: Panel Mount
Maximum Frequency: 6 GHz
Mount Feature: PCB – Through Hole

Telecommunication Infrastructure: antennas, cellular base stations, and satellite communications.
Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth devices, and RFID applications.
RF Testing and Measurement: radar systems, instrumentation, and high-frequency testing equipment.
Aerospace and Defense: radar systems, satellite communications, avionics, and military communication equipment.
Medical Devices and Instrumentation: MRI machines, diagnostic equipment, and monitoring devices.
Internet of Things (IoT): smart sensors and home automation systems
Industrial: Active and passive components, instrumentation, M2M Communications, Vehicle Tracking System


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