PCB Edge Mount SMA Female Connector, Straight, 50 Ohm

Part NO.: BFSMA-KE-P001



Antennas Type :BFSMA-KE-P001

Impendence (Ω): 50Ω

V.S.W.R :<1.15+0.02f(GHZ)

Frequenc Range(MHz): 0-12.4G(flexible cable)

DC Voltage(V): 335V max

Withstand Voltage(V): 1000Vrms

Contact resistance:(inner conductor) <3mOhm (outer conductor)<2mOhm

Insulation resistance: >5000

Insert Loss :0.15dB(6GHz)

RF leakage: -60dB/-90dB(Flexible cable/semi-rigid cable)@2-3GHz

Durability: 500 Cycle

PLUG (ID) /JACK (OD) 6.5mm/5.4mm

Shell :

Brass plated with hard gold or stainless steel surface passivation

Contact pin :Brass plated with hard gold

Socket :Beryllium bronze plated with hard gold

Insulator PTFE

Sealing: Silicone rubber

Crimp ferrule :Copper alloy plated with nickel

Weight(g) :None

OperatingTemperature(℃): -65~+165(PE CABLE-40~+85)


SMA Female

Number of Cores



With this cutting-edge PCB Edge Mount SMA Female Connector, you can improve your electronics projects. We have designed this connector to excel in both performance and functionality. It sets the standard for seamless integration into your PCB designs. Besides, this edge mount SMA connector provides unparalleled quality and ease of use. You can use it in a wide range of applications. It’s suitable for both seasoned RF engineers and DIY enthusiasts.

Product Name: PCB Edge Mount SMA Female Connector
Weight: 1.5g
Connector Series: SMA
Connector Gender: Female
Connector Orientation: Straight
Contact Termination: Solder
Protection Termination: Not Applicable
Mount Method: Panel Mount
Mount Feature: PCB – Edge Mount
Coupling Mechanism: Threaded
Cable Type (Terminates to): Not Applicable
Ports: Not Applicable
Impendence: 50Ω
Max Frequency: Not Applicable
IP Rating: Not Applicable
Body Material: Copper Alloy
Body Finish: Gold Plated
Insulator Material: Not Applicable
Contact Material: Brass
Contact Finish: Gold
Color: Gold
Other Features: None


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