Excellent 915 Mhz Long Range Antenna for RAK, Helium Miners and Others!

This Fiberglass Outdoor Antenna is a 902-928 Mhz LoRa type antenna. “LoRa” means long range. It facilitates long-distance communications with minimal power consumption. Having a frequency of 902-928 Mhz enables its long range capabilities.
This specific antenna is tuned to 915 Mhz. It is compatible with any LoRa device, namely RAK, Bobcat,, Nebra, and Kerlink Hotspot Miners to mine Helium (HNT) crypto. It stands at 61″ tall. Benefits of the Omnidirectional Basestation Antenna
This newly manufactured antenna, being Omnidirectional, holds many advantages. This Omnidirectional stick antenna boosts 900 MHz signal. Omnidirectional antennas are renowned for the ability to provide stronger connectivity in an outdoor environment!
Outdoor Rated & Rugged Fiberglass!
This antenna is a strong Outdoor Rated fiberglass piece. The unit is ultra rugged and perfectly suited for 900 MHz for point-to-point / Machine to Machine communications. A well built antenna is necessary in today’s modern world and all the circumstances that can break down a basic antenna. If you are hoping for long term stability and efficiency with your antenna, select a tough and formidable antenna like this one and you can rest easy with your decision.
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